REEF holders were offered a swap option on their coins for a variety of reasons and factors. Since REEF has a current supply of 525,000,000 and growing; and CRLM supply over a 15 year period is only 14,400,000. The swap ratio has been determined to be 50,000:1

If you purchase CRLM on the presale your REEF will be available to be swapped at a ratio of 1:100,000 for you upon the start of the chain. In other words, to swap your reef and achieve the full high PoS period you are required to purchase 1 CRLM and that will grant you access to swapping up to 100,000 REEF instantly with each CRLM you hold.

If you do not want to purchase CRLM and simply want to swap you must wait until the high PoS period is 60% over to take advantage of the swap.

Please be advised this is subject to revision before initial launch, and their will be an expiration date to the swap availability.  We have tried to base it fairly. For questions please visit the Discord chat.