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Corallium addresses a unique problem which exists in the blockchain and Cryptocurrency world. The majority of new and existing Cryptocurrency companies work off of promises and proof of concepts, rather than delivering tangible services, products, and solutions. Corallium is unique because the Team is already developing tangible products and services to offer the community block aquarium and blockchain combined! Corallium will offer an in-store payment solution to allow customers the ability to purchase coral/livestock and aquarium related products via blockchain and fiat.

The Corallium team has expansive knowledge of saltwater tanks and coral reef including set up, maintenance, tank longevity, coral growth and care. The team has a wide variety of experience in caring for coral ranging from Euphyllia and Zoanthids to some of the most well known and more rare Acropora and other small polyp stony (SPS). The company was founded by a team for a love and passion for all things coral, and blockchain related. We are excited to bring the two together, as well as do our part to try and restore coral reefs around the world.

What are we about?

Whether you’re a first time aquarium builder or a saltwater pro, Corallium has the products you need to build or enhance your in-home saltwater ecosystem including:

Aquarium Equipment

Sumps, Skimmers, Pumps, Dosers, etc.

Specialized LEDs

Specialized LED lighting to enhance growth and appearance of your aquarium

Regular and Exotic Corals

An exclusive selection of your favorites and new exotic corals

Culture Pods

Culture Pods which help provide a healthy tank environment.

Live Chat

Live Chat with fellow reefers, new and experienced.
Our Goals

The aim of Corallium is to gather together a community of coral and fish lovers built on blockchain technology. Corallium is to provide a wide variety of aquatic products and services to meet your salt water needs, some that are semi-unique to our team.  Whether you’re a first time aquarium builder or a saltwater pro, Corallium has the products you need to build or enhance your in-home saltwater ecosystem.

Payment solution libraries and API are planned for easy integration into the platform in upcoming releases.


Development, pools, and shared masternodes

  • 10 Corallium Masternodes are ran for development and upkeep purposes.
  • 2  of the total 10 masternodes will  be ran for donations to non-profit coral related organizations around the world based upon a voting system by the community and/or by applications by organizations.
  • Shared masternode services can be offered in addition for community based donations.
  • Pools can be ran be the community if they please; please be aware of the risks if you do so.
Why PoS?


Method of Corallium – The system upon which Corallium (CRLM) operates is Proof of Stake (POS). PoS is the process for verifying transactions and keeping network stability on the blockchain. A PoS system requires users to show a unit of CRLM in their wallet and open to the network. Mining or Proof of Work (POW) is not required to maintain the network health when a POS system is utilized. Instead of investing a large amount of money in mining equipment, a user can safely use their everyday computer to help secure the network. 


What is Proof of Stake? – Instead of receiving rewards by solving complex puzzles, the creator of the block is determined by their stake (the more you own the larger your stake) in CRLM. The return versus the reward are proportional just as if you had more or less hash power running on a PoW network. Rewards in this model are given by you by having your wallet remain open and active which keep the network healthy using.


Using this model, stakers ( PoS equivalent of a miner) build blocks based on their stake (amount you hold) and the age (length of time) on the network.


Example: Say you hold 100 CRLM. With PoS you would be more likely to create the candidate block than someone with 10 CRLM.  Further, if you had 100 CRLM in the same wallet network address for a year, you would be more likely to generate the next block on the chain than someone who also has 100 CRLM but only holding it in wallet network address for half a year.

Brains of the operation

Technical Specs


Win/Mac/Linux Wallets

Unique Staking

Long-Term Development & Support

Masternode Development with simple setup

Lightning Transaction Confirmation through custom API

Future wallet developments for user-friendly experience


Tech Specs:



Blocktime: 120 seconds – 720 blocks a day

Total supply: 14,500,000

Premine: 411,000

Ticker: CRLM


** First 10080 Blocks (14 days) will have a static reward of .1 CRLM since the sale of the coin starts when the chain is running. **


PoS Structure:


Min Maturity: 2 Hours

Max Maturity: 240 Hours


Luck 7 block – 77 CRLM

Ultra block   – 22 CRLM

Super block   – 12 CRLM

Regular block – 6.50 CLRM

Lucky 7 Block is a block that appears ending in “777”

Ultra Block is a block that ends in “2”

Super Block is a block that ends in both “6” and “9”

Regular Blocks comprise the rest


**Rewards will reduce 10% per quarter the first year, and 10% per year after that to maintain longevity. Refer to spreadsheet**


Block X1 – Regular Block

Block X2 – Ultra Block

Block X3 – Regular Block

Block X4 – Regular Block

Block X5 – Regular Block

Block X6 – Super Block

Block X7 – Regular Block

Block X8 – Regular Block

Block X9 – Super Block

Block X0 – Regular Block


Lucky 7 Block – Block 777, 1777, 2777, 3777, 4777, 5777, etc.


Masternode Collateral – 2500 CRLM


 **PoS Rewards 99%
MN Rewards 1%
Until block #31680**
**80% of Rewards to MN
20% of Rewards to PoS
From block #31681 onwards**


Blockchain trading/investing involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of can fluctuate, and, as a result, investors can lose their original investment.

All trading strategies are used at your own risk, and we are not responsible for any losses or gains you may sustain.

Kind regards
The Corallium Team